January Clean!

January Clean!

it’s January, which means our ballroom carpet undergoes it’s annual deep clean!

It takes roughly 24 hours to properly clean our beautiful ballroom carpet.

First we strip the room of everything in preparation.


The we inspect the carpet thoroughly and place markers down with some tape for any stains we think will be particularly stubborn.


We then spend approximately 4 hours hoovering the carpet, making sure to cover the entire space twice!


After that we fire up the carpet cleaner and slowly work our way around the room. Don’t forget we also deal with all the stubborn stains at this point! As you cxan see the carpet cleaner gets mucky fast!

carpet cleaner

Then once finished we have to leave the room empty for a full 12 hours in order to let the carpet dry out.

Once the carpet is dry it’s time to put everything back again!

Phew, what a lot of work. Time for a quick cup of tea….

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