When to buy your Wedding drinks.

When to buy your Wedding drinks.

For most weddings alcohol plays a key role. So if your purchasing the drinsk yourself here are our handy tips:

  1. Champagne: Buy your champagne in January, just after new years, the supermarkets will have loads of it being discounted.

  2. Wine: Pick three different reds & whites you like and then regularly check their price at the supermarket. If anyone is 30% or more discounted buy, buy, buy!

  3. Spirits: A tricky one, the best deals are normally fund in the run up to Christmas, but certain seasonal drinks, such as Pims, tend to be best bought around spring.

  4. Soft Drinks: When they are on a 2 4 1 offer it’s time to stock up.

  5. Water: For table water, buy supermarket own brand and then ask your caterer to pour it into jugs and place it on the table. No one will know it’s tesco every day value.

The only problem with buying all this drink will be storing it all. Time to ask dad to clear out the shed….

Dad's shed

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